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i am 40 years old, and everyday i feel that much older. i live in pittsburgh and work in the web industry. i have lived all over in my short existence including a stint in kansas where i was born, north dakota, new orleans, amarillo, waco, boston, atlanta, pittsburgh and austin. boston was of course my favorite. i have two parents who are happily married to this day even though that is hard to believe nowadays. i have an older sister whom i am close with, mainly due to the fact that growing up we were always moving and it forced us to become friends. she is successful in her own right, has a real job, and pays her bills on time. both of my parents are successful and i guess so am i. i really enjoy my job. i build and maintain websites. it keeps me busy. i read alot. i listen well. i enjoy taking photos. i have useless facts stored in my head. i ramble. i seek the truth, but enjoy the search. i have numerous friends all over. i get depressed, but who doesnt. music is an outlet for me. i cant play instruments, but i enjoy listening to it. ive met famous people, and they are just as boring as you and me. i have a personalized license plate, but i am not vain. i believe in the power of advertising. i am married. i like texas. i prefer the cold weather. my grandmother was the most beautiful woman i have ever known. my grandfather is the wisest. basketball is fun. i do not regret anything in my life. im in love.

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