LIVESTRONG Day is the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s one-day initiative to raise awareness and funds for the cancer fight. LIVESTRONG Day 2008 will occur on Tuesday, May 13.

As most of you know I work at the Lance Armstrong Foundation. LIVESTRONG Day is the biggest day of the year for us. So this year Lance and Doug (the President of the Foundation) decided to send the entire foundation to local events all over the US. Some people are going to Vegas, some are going Oklahoma, and other to New York and New Hampshire. We did not get to choose where we were going or what we were going to be doing.

Last week or so, I found out where I am going. Looks like I am headed to the bluegrass state. The home of Muhammad Ali as well as the Kentucky Derby. I am headed to Louisville, Kentucky.

My event is to go to the Cincinnati Reds AAA affiliate Louisville Bats baseball game and hand out wristbands. But here is the coolest part, I am about 90% sure I will get to throw out the first pitch. So I am flying out the morning of the 13th and returning the nite of the 14th.

Since I have found out I am going to Louisville, I have been doing a little research to see what I can do while I am there. Makers Mark Lounge and the Louisville Slugger Museum are two of the stops I am planning on making.

Should be a fun time, and I will def take photos to share.

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  1. D-Man July 22, 2009

    What’ up B? I haven’t thought about you in a while but then all of a sudden you popped into my head.

    I’m about to finish school and took a part time job at a local design firm in the Wac doing, guess what?!?!? Web Design! I gotta tell you, I pretty much hate it, but it pays the bills and the more I know, the better my chances are of getting a really good gig when I graduate.

    Which brings me to this, would it be cool for me to pick your brain from time to time about web sites and all that mess? I know HTML, XHTML, and CSS. The problems I foresee are the ones coming down the pipe, as I have just finished a site that incorporated some java in it (which I FINALLY figured out after a month of looking at it with the dumbest stare in my face) and PHP/MySQL. That last one is the one I may have the most questions about.

    So if you don’t want to lend an ear or give a hand, then could point me to some decent books regarding their use and learning?

    Anyway, got all the begging out of the way, how are you doing? Obviously well I take it. How’s the job going for you? Still lovin’ Austin? Man, I have GOT TO GET OUT OF WACO!!!!

    Soon. Soon I will be gone.

    Counting down the days til I graduate.

    Later man,

  2. Brian Howe October 6, 2009

    Testing a feature on my blog for the upcoming LIVESTRONG Blog

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