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I have been going through a bunch of old stuff and i came across this article that i clipped from the Sam Houston student newspaper from a few years ago.

Sam Houston student has near-death brush with alcohol poisoning
A female student at Sam Houston State University almost died from alcohol poisoning Saturday night, the University Police Department said.

Two men, neither of them students found the intoxicated 19-year old woman at the main entrance to Belvin Cafeteria close to midnight.

They told police that as they approached her, she fell backwards striking her head on the concrete. They then helped her to a friend’s room in Belvin-Buchanan Hall.

“Had they not found her, she probably would have died,” said Chief Charlie Tackett.

Police said they arrived at Belvin after a resident administrator at the dorm called to say that the intoxicated student needed medical assistance. When police arrived, they found her on a bed lying face down vomiting. She was unable to communicate, her face was discolored and she was having difficulty breathing, according to police.

Tackett said her blood alcohol level was three times that of what the law says is legally drunk.

“Her blood alcohol level was was above .3,” said Tackett. “You are legally intoxicated at .1.”

Paramedics took the student to Huntsville Memorial Hospital for hospital. Police refused to release her name.

…. the two men who found this lady were my best friend Travis and I. We had been out drinking one night in the grand city of Huntsville. I have no idea why we were there, or even what year this was. So anyway we are headed back to where ever we were staying and saw this girl who was so drunk she couldn’t even stand. At first it was funny, cause you know we were drunk as well, but after she fell and hit her head we knew we had to do something. We tried taking her straight to the hosp, but honestly we were drunk and she was adamant about going home. She told us what dorm she lived in and we brought her to the front door. Of course after hours you had to go to the front door where the RA was. We dropped her off and headed home. A few days later that article was printed in the paper. Kinda scary, and maybe we really did save her life. I wonder who and where she is now.

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