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On my way home from work I needed to drop by HEB and grab a gallon of milk. You see I had some tasty brownies ( not the magic kind ) last nite and wanted something to wash them down with tonite. Usually my trips to HEB are uneventful, but today was a different story.

So I walk up to the milk freezer and right before I grab the door to open the cooler for the 2% organic this old blue hair cuts me off and parks her cart right in front of the cooler door. She then proceeds to walk three doors down, leaving her cart, and hunt and peck for the correct creamer for her coffee. She stands there with the damn door open for a good five minutes. Being the nice guy I am I decide to wait and see how long she really takes to figure out what creamer she really wants.

So I cruise over to the next aisle and perch in a very strategic position in order to snipe this photo….

And then it dons on me. The old hag has no cart control. she is all over the place with her buggy. It’s a damn good thing she had blue-blockers on. I mean the light that was being emitted from the grocery store was blinding. Thankfully she had her purse wrapped around her in the manner she did, or else I would have robbed her like she had just bought the last marble rye.

… Oh and by the way…. the creamer she had her mitts on in this photo, was not the one she ended up buying. Here’s to you …. you old bag. Good thing you got enough toilet paper to last at least until next week.

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  1. Brandon March 28, 2011

    This type of stuff is always amusing to me.

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