bandera weekend

this weekend i went to bandera. it was a nice weekend away from the city. although i stayed busy helping out on the ranch. cutting wood, clearing land, cooking, all kinds of good fun stuff. we did make some time to head into town and i bought a few leather scented candles. wow do they smell incredible.

anyway here is a snap shot as i was putting up the tractor for the evening.

do you think my tractor is sexy?

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  1. Jacky March 5, 2007

    why dont you pick on a tractor your own size?

  2. Wimpy March 5, 2007

    Balex in a tractor….nice….did jacky sing “She thinks my tractors sexy”

  3. 925Ag March 7, 2007

    Did you ever watch my video? If you search for Sterling and Coyote, you can see the time I was on CMT….LOL

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