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so last nite i was at the bar, little woodrows. probably there for way too long, and probably drank way too much, but hey it had been a while and i was with friends. with that being said i am so glad that i stayed as long as i did. i shared in some very deep conversations with people that i respect and cherish their friendships. i learned a lot about myself, was on the verge of tears all nite long, and came away with a deeper friendship. one that i know will last as long as we are both above the ground. but more of nites like that, probably will put us down way before its time. thank you for opening up and letting me inside.

so at some point in the evening my boy 925ag engaged in conversation with this chick that was in the booth behind us. she starts showing her tattoos and what not and i am half listening and looking at the ink and right there on her left bicep, was my name. millions of people have names tattooed on their arms, and what makes me think that it was *my name*.

proof is in the pudding.

nice tat man

at this point in the evening, my memory was a little fuzzy, but needless to say, i was coherent enough to capture the proof with my phone. the story from what i remember was that her nickname was boom balex. she had boom on her other arm. it was pretty cool seeing my name tatted on some grl. ha… austin. gotta love it.

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  1. 925Ag March 1, 2007

    Yes, you gotta love it. She was hilarious. It was a great night. I love how the tat is accented…that really makes it work.

    I paid dearly for that night out, but it was all worth it mofo.

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