some things will never change

over the past 11 years many things in my life have changed. i have worked at 19 different places including five different gaps in two states and five different cities, three newspapers including the waco trib, boston globe and atlanta journal constitution, two gas stations, a liquor store, chilis, a hair salon, golfsmith, selling chinese babies, my current job and a few others thrown in there for good measure. i have lived in seven different places, three in waco, two in austin, and one in boston and atlanta. i have had four different vehicles including a ’91 chevy truck, a ’93 k5 blazer, an ’00 tahoe and an ’06 charger. several of my friends have been married and divorced, and of course i have dated a few girls here and there. through all of this change, which is normal by any means, well maybe not all the jobs i have worked, there has been only one thing constant over the past 11 years. my cell phone number.

i can remember when i first got my cell phone. it was one of those real nice big ones that had zero features and boiled down to a huge piece of shit. i was on the lovely at&t network way back when. i have since gone through several and i mean several different phones. my current phone the treo 650 is my fav thus far. even though i don’t use it to all its capabilities.

i was of course switched over to cingular when at&t was bought out and i have had some hefty phone bills before. when i was living in atlanta before companies did away with roaming, i amassed a bill of $1100…over the span of one month. i of course did not know i was roaming the entire time i was there.

now that long distance charges are a thing of the past i guess its not really a big deal when people hold onto to their numbers even as they move from city to city. so even though i live in 512 it will be hard for me to let go of my 254. like they always say, death, taxes, and my cell phone number. some things will never change.

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