wild wild west

are we living in a modern day wild west frontier and the six shooters that the cowboys once had strapped on their side have now become cell phones? not a day goes by without me having to witness the incredibly ridiculous amount of people with their phones affixed to their hip like they are waiting to be challenged to a dial off. just today i passed a guy on a motorcycle, had his little helmet on and tried to offer his best tough guy demeanor, and there at the red light, he pulls out his motorola razr that was attached at the hip and checks his voicemail. whatever street cred he thought he had…tossed right out the window.

now of course i wasnt around in the days billy the kid and wyatt earp, but i would assume there was some pistol envy back then, just like there is phone envy today. living in the techie community that i do, its easy to see the newest, most outlandish phones. i mean dont get me wrong, i have a bad ass phone, that i paid too much for, but it is where it should be, in my pocket and not on my hip.

and its just not toolbag guys with the phones on the hip. it seems as though the fashion craze, and i use that term loosely, has infected all walks of life. the geeks and dweebs, right on down to the socic’s and greasers. and dont just limit it to the male population, i have seen my fair share of annie oakley wanna-bes walking around with phones at their side.

so join me in mocking these people who are waiting to be challenged in the street to see who is the fastest dial. and if you are one who wears their phone on their hip, put it in your pocket, or purse and please turn the ringer off. and while you are at it, lose the damn bluetooth headsets. the real jesse james and wild bill hickok never had anything in his ear to communicate with others. they probably would have shot someone who appeared to be talking to them self. maybe it wouldnt be such a bad idea to bring some of the wild west back to the modern day.

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