A Year Ago

it was a year ago today that i moved into my apartment in austin. i was writing about watching tv and connecting to the internet via WiFi and now here i sit at my third job since i have moved to austin. i must say my present job is by far the best because i get to do neat fun things. like build databases and output useless information. for example did you know that today is joe pesci’s birthday.

other things have changed over the previous 365 days. including getting a new car, ive learned new programming languages, i built a website or two, i no longer do freelance work for django, i still loathe my apartment, and fish got married amongst other things.

just like last year at this time i was getting ready to go snowboarding. this time it might be a little more painful as i am getting older and all that falling down and what-not doesnt sound as much fun as it did in previous years.

i still havent gotten used to the whole 8 o’clock thing, but i must say its much better getting off at a normal time. so tonite i dont know if i should celebrate a year a austin or mourn. i guess it hasnt been all that bad. i do know that i will awake tomorrow at 640 just like i have been over the previous year and shuffle off to work. i just hope that my hot water heater will stay on unlike a year ago tomorrow morning.

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