AMLI Assclowns

Dear AMLI Assclowns:

In December 2005 I expressed concern over the lack of parking in front of building 15. When I moved in mid-February, there was a red Toyota 4-Runner (License plate # XXX XXX) parked in one of the three spots directly in front of the building 15 with one of the parking spots being handicapped. That vehicle had been parked there for eleven months, with zero movement whatsoever, until mid-December 2005 when I first complained about this matter. There was another car that I mentioned, a red Ford Probe, which was between buildings 15 and 16, which has since been moved several times. When I complained about the matter, a sticker was placed on the window of the 4-Runner, and the owner moved it to the spot directly behind where it previously was. It has not moved again since. There is another car, a white Toyota Corolla (License plate # XXX XXX) that hasn’t moved since at least November. The hood is dented in and the registration and inspection stickers are both past due. These two vehicles are just sitting there taking up spots that other residents should have access to.

I have read and re-read the lease contract and understand that there is really nothing in the lease that states anything about these vehicles having to be moved if they are “operable and current on license, registration and inspection”. The Corolla is violating this as both the registration and inspection will be expired on Feb 1 2006. The 4-Runner, I assume, is operable; but, it never moves – so that is questionable.

Here is the problem and main concern of my complaint:

Over the weekend and past few days, cars have been parking under the carport next to the carport that I am paying for. There have been 3 different cars parked in that spot over the previous days. I have seen a blue 4-Runner, a Ford Explorer and this morning a silver Ford car. None of these cars had the required tag to be parked in that spot. My theory is that people are trying to find a parking spot near their apartment, and are not finding anything, which results in just parking under the carport. So, with the two cars that are just taking up spots, it is forcing others to park illegally and further away from their apartment.

With the positioning of Building 15 and the lack of parking around the other buildings, there is a trickle down effect that results in people and their guests parking in the spaces in front of Building 15. During the day there of course is not a problem with parking as the majority of the people are at work. At night and on the weekend it is completely different. I got tired of dealing with the small parking spots and the lack of spots so I decided to pay the extra money for my own spot. I do not mind paying for my spot, but I feel as though with the two vehicles that do not move, there would have been availability for myself and others.

Since the lease does not state that people have to move their vehicles as long as the vehicle meets all the requirements, maybe a compromise could be met. I suggest having the owners of vehicles move their vehicles further away from the building. If the vehicles are not being used, what would it matter if the vehicle was moved to an area with less need for parking spots? For example, over near the mailboxes or on the left side of the trash bin located near the mailboxes – or even on the other side of the access gates near the gym or front office. Of course there is nothing stated in the lease about where boats should be parked, and I am sure more residents would be upset if those two vehicles were boats just occupying those spots.

I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my concerns. Please contact me…….


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  1. kandis February 2, 2006

    you are so funny. you’re becoming how i would have imagined your grandpa – at least from what you’ve told me about him.

    i hope those dummies get something done for you – and everyone else that lives there.

    too bad you didn’t put anyting in the letter about my car getting smashed in because of the shitty parking!

  2. Katy February 2, 2006

    At least you don’t have an opinion. 🙂

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