Smashed In

this weekend i took a trip to waterloo and had to park on the side of the street. i pulled in behind this older lady who i guess didnt want to park in the spot she was in anymore. she decides to throw her jeep grand cherokee in reverse and back right into me.

she gets out of her car and goes “oh i didnt see you” of course my response….no shit. so had to call her insurance company and provide everything short of a dna sample and urine specimen. so looks like next week i get to deal with this crap. cant wait. although her company did state it was clearly her fault and they are gonna to take care of it. regardless i have a busted grille.

we are launching our new intranet at work tomorrow , so hopefully things will slow a bit. and i can write more here. my apartment complex is still a piece of shit. today i realized they upped the price to wash your clothes. im sure the dryer will follow soon enough. anyway….leave comments. let me know who you are if you are reading this when i do update. i will be implementing a new feature on my site hopefully this week. i think its pretty kick ass. hope all is well.

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  1. Katy January 30, 2006

    Good to hear you are still alive. Sorry about your car. That sucks! Good luck with everything. Keep in touch!

  2. Lauren January 30, 2006

    That shit doesn’t happen in Nevada…LOL

  3. Amy February 1, 2006

    EEK! Sorry about your car. Seems like it will work out though 🙂

    At least you aren’t buried in icy show shit 🙂

  4. Christy February 1, 2006

    Aw that sucks! At least she had insurance though! lol

  5. Christina February 2, 2006

    Ha! I dunno where you live in Nevada but Vegas is full of nothing but crazy drivers. It’s like Houston times 10..

    Sorry about your pretty car though Brian..that sucks.

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