michael irvin smoking crack

so michael irvin gets pulled over for speeding this weekend on his way to the furniture store with his wife in plano. and lo and behold he has a warrant for other unpaid speeding tickets. and during the course of being arrested for that, the officer finds a crack pipe in his car.

of course the pipe doesnt belong to him. i mean the pipe that is in my car isnt mine either. i just hold it for all my crackhead friends. now why would we believe that it wasnt his pipe. he has had a drug problem in the past. why would he have changed.

he states he took it off his “friend” cause he didnt want that stuff around his family. so he puts it in his car so that he can dispose of it later. well why didnt he just smash it right then and be done with it. or maybe it was really his pipe and didnt want to waste such a valuable item.

all this could not have come at a worse time. his hopes of getting into the hall of fame this year i think just got tossed out the window. maybe he should have done that with the pipe.

anyway. at least there will be a great football game on tonite. cheers.

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  1. kandis November 29, 2005

    brian, like i’ve said before – and the same theory goes for this. two words: dallas cowboy. ha!! 🙂

  2. D-Man December 15, 2005

    Hey man, you still have my pipe?!? I’ve been looking for that thing for over a year now!!!!

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