Evil Empire

what if a company’s net income was 69 percent more than the Q3 of the previous year and 34 percent from Q2 of this year. what if said company’s profit was 110 million. i would have to say that said company is doing very well and would love to be a part of this company. is it the giant microsoft that is making these numbers? or could it be google, since that is a hot stock. maybe some other hot tech company like apple or hdtv. maybe ford or chevrolet with the huge sales they were giving this summer. whomever the company is they should be proud and we as a nation should applaud their enormous success.

but what if the company was a huge petroleum empire, on american soil. and said oil company didnt really make 110 million over Q3, it was really for only one day. and that no company has ever had a net income of 110 million over a quarter….ever…. and this oil company is doing that in a day….A DAY! and what if the same oil company received a tax break from our fearful leader. would you still stand up and applaud this company or would you be just as pissed off as i am.

the fact is exxonmobil profits for Q3 will be about 10 billion. thats breaks down to about 110 million a day. which like i mentioned before is more than any other company has made over a quarter…ever. but what can we do change this. i assume you, just like me, needs gas on a daily basis. to get to work, to get to school, to go to the grocery store. its unavoidable. what i have done is gotten rid of my gas guzzling beast. i down sized to a more efficient car. i try not to just drive as much, as relaxing as it is.

knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have the more powerful you become. start asking questions. raise awareness to everyone about the injustices of bush and his breaks to oil giants. send emails to your representatives on a local, state and national level. we put them in their positions, make them accountable. why do the rich keep getting richer, and the poor keep getting poorer. just know that the extra money you are spending on gas is going straight into the pockets of the oil fat cats. and the reason the prices are so high is the fear the oil companies have placed in us with shortages, even though the cost of production has not changed.

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