Hello World

hello? is this thing on? where did everyone go? where is everyone?

actually for those who have been wondering i am alive and kicking. still in the atx. changed jobs. went from a nice 5 minute commute to a long hour commute. the money is better. but that is not what its all about. i actually get to design and create. and learn. i guess its getting better each day. just difficult adjusting.

been to the beach, been to the river. got sunburned once. and its just june. i wrecked my shin on the river and some jackass ran into the tahoe. nothing serious, he just left some paint on the gas door.

my best friend got married and the yankees still suck.

my summer vacations have been put on hold, due to unforseen circumstances. switching jobs will do that to you.

i hope everyone else is doing well. i am sure with my lack of updates my readership has gone from some to none. maybe that is what i was trying to accomplish. a re-birth of maybe a redesign is in order. and please remember … launch, feet first, ass up, valve stem down and just know that guy over there IS pissing in the river.

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