an era in my life came to an end last nite around 1230. as i was sitting here at my computer, i reached up to adjust my glasses and they flew off, like broke in two pieces.

i examined the remains of my cherished glasses and knew it was time to lay them to rest.

as i drove to work this morning i began to reflect on my dear friend, my glasses, and all that we have been through those numerous years we were a pair. i can remember the day i brought them home. it was a sunday, i had just gotten back from the guadalupe river, my last trip to the river might i add, the one where i ended up with seven stitches in my foot. but i digress. jana had called and i decided to go over to her house to watch movies. i was nervous, unveiling my new look, but excited at the same time.

throughout the years we have seen our fair share of fun, from the many nites out, to washington dc. we have shared many moments with famous people. you have never let me down in my pursuit of vision, even through the nites of impaired vision.

there are a few moments you have brought me that i will be gladly to distance myself from. one happening just fri nite. i guess the most memorable event that you brought me that i will never forget in a bad way, was the day at hooters in austin when the waitress mistook us for drew carey. it happens all the forking time and as much as i love you, i will not miss being mistaken for him.

there have been other comparisons, some just as non-flattering as the drew carey. i have heard clark kent, quentin taratino, and even buddy holly. all of which i dont get.

so i bid you a farewell my friend. you are gonna end up in a box stored somewhere under my bed, collecting dust. i now must go out and try to replace a dear friend that has been there for so many years. i will miss you.

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