Stars and Bars

And you thought someone else wrote this, boy were you wrong…

with all the patriotism in the recent weeks I can understand the need or want to display the American flag. what I do not agree with nor understand is the need for the desktop picture that is on display in the redacted department. the picture displays two people holding up a confederate flag and smiling. this to me is very offensive and is extremely inappropriate. that flag is symbolic of hatred and oppression and is used in too many negative references. this is a professional workplace and numerous people have commented on this picture. such displays are unwarranted and should be removed immediately. recently the states of Georgia and South Carolina removed all or part of the confederate banner from their flag due to the negative ideals it represented and stood for. I am not alone in this feeling of discontent. immediate measures need to be taken to have this removed and the person should be notified and reprimanded for their lack of compassion towards such sensitive issues. by the way you are not the only one to receive this letter.

and to think you actully got furious when you received this letter. just goes to show the grade of people employed there.

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