Neighbor Bush

I guess its pretty cool to live next door to the president. Next door in the sense of he lives in the town over from me. He has lived there for a couple of years, although I have never seen him. We can always tell when he is in town, the news always lets us know he is here, and pizza hut offers a “presidential deal”. One would think he would be a good neighbor, but really he isn’t. All night every night while he is here we can hear his planes overhead patrolling the skies. These aren’t Cessna’s either, we are talking about F-16’s flying low to the ground. Low enough to read their numbers. Those things are loud, especially when you are trying to go to sleep.

Forget about trying to go out to eat while he is here. There is enough secret service and press following his every move the restaurants stay packed. If there ever could be a traffic jam here, there is one for sure when he tries to get from the airport to his ranch. The cops insist on closing all the side roads intersecting the roads he travels on.

He always invites his collages over as well. The Mexican president, the British guy, recently the guy from Spain, but the one that caused the most headaches was the Chinese guy. There were so many people both protesting and supporting him, they had to close of part of the airport to accommodate all the people. There was a long line of people spanning the road on either side. I personally thought it wasn’t a brilliant idea putting two groups of people on either side of the road that genuinely hated each other.

During the holidays he has his family over. His mom and dad have gone to church with him in the small town where he resides, but I have yet to see his daughters out and about in the Waco bars. Maybe that’s a good thing though. Jenna wouldn’t know what she would be getting herself into if she met me.

There is talk of making Waco the home of his presidential library when its time, and there would sort of a triangle of presidential libraries in central Texas. Would these be a good idea? I guess it could be, I mean since he lives here he would be able to have input into the contents of his library, but do we really want more attention on this town? Lets go back to being a sleeping town like it was before the whole Branch Davidian thing. Please?

Maybe it’s not a bad thing being neighbors with him, I mean he is the president. He does bring a lot of crazy people who insist on voicing their opinions from environmental issues to less serious things. On second thought, maybe he should just move down to College Station, I think those aggies down there could tolerate his antics and what he brings to the table better than we can.

By the way I added new photos to the photos page, and I will be adding even more later, keep checking back.

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