Open Letter to the Thieves

dear thieves,

i know you didnt technically break into my truck, cause i left the doors unlocked on accident. this does not give you a free ride to enter my truck and rifle through my belongings and take what you thought you might like.

yes i had some good cds that you did you get hands on. i miss my blink 182 cds, and my matt powell cds, but you know what guys, you didnt even take ALL the cds that were in there. you missed nearly another 150 cds. not only did you not take all my cds, there was nearly 5 thousand dollars worth of camera equipment, a nice tool set, not to mention some other clothes you didnt take.

you got my rain jacket, the keys to my OTHER truck, a sweater that was too small for me, and my two favorite hats. both of them are custom hats, one ordered from boston and the other was that of a golf course that im sure no one in town has been to. just let me see you wearing my hat, or jacket, and you better pray to whatever god you pray to that chris is not with me, cause you will be receiving a beat down that tony soprano himself would be proud of.

the funniest part of the whole thing is the cooler and beer you took. that beer had been in there for at least 2 months and you threw the cooler out in the field ( i got it back guys). i hope you enjoyed that old beer that i was going to throw away the next day. im sure you got a nice tummy ache from it. guess what else you missed, there was a wallet that belonged to a buddy of mine that had been with me earlier in the evening with 500 dollars cash in it. i bet you are kicking yourself now. just think of all the beer you could have bought with 500 bucks, that is of course if you are of legal age, which i doubt.

in the case that you are under age, my sis will be your probation officer when you are caught. i already told her to throw he book at you, and then accidentally let me know your name and address so i can give you your other punishment.

so fellas in closing, go ahead and use my checks…the bank is waiting for you, wear my hat, be seen public, but just know this, i will be looking for you. you will be caught.


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