Shit Drivers

the drivers in this town just flat out suck. everyday i encounter some sort of driver and i use this term loosely who has no clue to the rules of the road. i would like to think i am a good driver, i have never been in a wreck that i caused, although i have been hit twice, both times the other drivers fault. i have driven in almost every HUGE city between here and maine, and the drivers of the state of texas suck. i speed, i admit it, i may even could be accused of being an aggressive driver, but i am well aware of my surrounding. people do not pay attention. everyday ill have a near miss from someone not paying attention. just last nite some jackass in a tahoe turned right into me. i also own a tahoe so i know damn well he saw me. my quick turn to the left avoided the accident. people need to hang up their cell phones, put the coffee down, and pay attention to the road. how hard is it? i talk on my cell phone when i drive, but at no time do i ever take focus off the task at hand. and the old people in this town just need to quit. when i am appointed to congress, i am proposing a law that requires every person over 65 to retake a driving test every other year until they cant drive anymore. who is with me?

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