this was stolen from a friend, i thought it was funny, i dont feel this way, i just thought it was funny….i’ve decided through a conversation that being a vegan is completely retarded, and being vegetarian isn’t much better. not only is it a natural instinct for us to be at least partly carnivorous…….as is obvious, if not from anything else, from the shape of our teeth; but anybody who says meat doesn’t taste good is lying to him/herself. so please, join me in protesting these people for depleting our precious, precious oxygen supply with their incessant plant-eating. these vegans think they’re helping the environment, but maybe they don’t like fully functional respiratory systems. to them i say ‘screw you and your stupid ideas. you know you like meat, and i know i like oxygen, so stop being a jackass.’
oh, and vegans, i know some jerk has dedicated november to your dumbasses. enjoy your 30 day celebration of choking down shitty food………idiots

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