Left Anchorage and made it to Seward. Pretty cool little fishing town.

13 hours on a school bus, 180 miles, 3 grizzly bears, 1 amazing trip through Denali

Made it to Denali. Quite beautiful here. Headed out to whitewater raft in a few.

The hike down Flattop was scary. A lot of kids on the trail. @PassingLEFT

We made it to the top of Flattop Mtn. Can see Russia from here. @PassingLEFT

@lafpatrick @laf_matt @bmflyfish Alaska

@LAF_Matt @bmflyfish Seattle

Buffalo bonfire with beers and bros. With @myers716 and @ bmflyfish #easyliving

Hello Buffalo and the Queen of Hell Carnival. Color me …. Impressed.

@AdamRichman we are in Columbus and found your dollar. Looking forward to enjoying Thurman’s


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